About Us



Soak in the beautiful ambiance at Hotel Sonne and celebrate nature!

A chalet hotel set away from the flurry of the main city Interlaken, overlooked by lush green mountain plains and the snow-capped Jungfrau, along with the breath-taking view of the Brienz and Thun lake, just a stroll away.

The Hotel emits a robust stature of history from the 19th Century and strives to balance the needs of the modern clientele. The new owner of the Hotel embarks this new journey with a fresh look and the charm of a local swiss chalet hotel with a unique blend of excellent hospitality and unparalleled services.

Known for its comfortable and convenient ambiance in one of the classiest and most beautiful localities, this tasteful accommodation is the perfect destination to unwind amidst the alluring Local Swiss culture.


Try the flavours of a largely local and vegetarian produce

We’ve noticed a positive change in food trends, and the unstoppable rise of vegetarianism is a step towards promoting a green and healthy life. In respect of being in the midst of nature, we offer only vegetarian meal options and feel proud to be the first vegetarian/vegan meals and breakfast provider in the region.

We emphasize on creating an environment which encourages society to spread equal life opportunity to animals and the atmosphere around us. We serve hot and delicious vegetarian food, and custom design the flavor to personalize your meal. In addition to this, we only serve animal-free products.

Our International Vegan restaurant, opening shortly, aims to provide healthy food choices that show respect to this planet.